Our Home Care Patients

  • What kinds of patients use home care services?
  • Our Most Successful Patients
  • Home Care Patients and Doctors


What kinds of patients use home care services?

*GNS follows Medicare guidelines for acceptance to home care.

 Our patients: 

  • Are homebound. This means it is a “significant, taxing effort for the patient to leave home” and absences from home are “infrequent and of short duration.”
  • Require intermittent medical care.
  • Are under the care of a physician throughout the course of home care.


Our Most Successful Patients

The Patient and/or the family are committed to taking part in their own care to further their independence or maintain the patient in their own environment.


Home Care Patients and Doctors

  • GNS usually admits our patients for 9 weeks at a time, although occasionally we feel the patient requires less visits and will request less time on the orders with the doctors.
  • If after 9 weeks, the patient is not ready to discharge we will extend our visits and send the doctor a re-certification update.
  • If the patient is ready to discharge before 9 weeks, we will let the doctor know so he/she may follow up with the patient as they desire.